the glamour of well being



Totally computerized in-house logistics system. The incoming and outgoing robotized warehouse allows to carry out orders in real time and a correct product traceability.


Premium raw materials and meticulous controls during all manufacturing phases.

Research for raw materials with special characteristics, the state-of-the-art production facilities, design of new models to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding consumers.


Quality yarns, the finest weave, care in details, large assortment of fashion colors, large assortment of elegant and refined models for every occasion.


Form-fitting designs with excellent comfort and fit and the preventive and therapeutic effectiveness of elastic compression.


Implementation of an automated warehouse which stores in permanent plastic trays where robots automatically pick up the products to carry out orders has led to savings, from 2004 to 2011, of 350,000 cardboard boxes, corresponding to 315,000 kilograms of paper. This reduction in consumption saved 4,725 trees, 138,600,000 liters of water and 2,394,000 KWH of electricity. Up to today, using this system, yearly consumption of cardboard boxes has been reduced by 45,000 units, corresponding to 40,500 kilograms of paper. Today, as a result, Solidea saves 17,820,000 liters of water, 307,800 KWH of electricity and 608 trees. Solidea, constantly growing on the world markets, automatically aims at proportionally increasing this energy conservation. This awareness towards safeguarding our planet testified by Solidea during its growth will lead to constant improvements in these standards.