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  • magic collant

    The ultraeffective micromassage of the revolutionary patented top with three-dimensional wave fabric combines with the extraordinarily sheer knitting that wraps around the leg: soft and comfortable tights for a line for the most adherent of sheath dresses!

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  • naomi

    A great SOLIDEA classic worn and beloved by women the world over, who appreciate the extraordinary sheer of these tights and, above all, the elegant high-cut top that retains and shapes: well-being and elegance without boundaries!

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  • wonder model

    Super-heroes with perfect curves: a line of high-tech form-fitting top tights that slim up your figure, retains your abdomen and shapes your hips. You won’t go out without them!

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  • venere

    The silk effect of this line of elegant and seductive “all naked” tights which ensure the well-being that makes your legs more beautiful.

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  • venere open toe

    Well-being for legs and freedom for feet: perfect in the summer to continue enjoying the benefits of graduated compression while keeping toes free and feet cool. For beautiful legs enhanced by the elegant and extraordinarily smooth and sheer fabric.

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  • selene

    One of the preferred garments by women who are always on the go but who want to feel elegant and comfortable all day long: opaque tights with unequalled softness and lots of colors in order to feel well without waiving your own style.

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  • red wellness

    The latest proposal from SOLIDEA offering a truly special effect: opaque tights in velvet-smooth microfiber: its exclusive yarn contains a mineral additive that converts the natural warmth of the body into Far Infrared Rays, sending them back to skin tissues to improve microcirculation: a guaranteed invigorating and anti-cellulite effect!

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  • fashion

    Those who never give up, convinced that elastic stockings are synonymous with gloom, will have to change their minds when they see the collections that SOLIDEA now offers, combining the leading-edge technologies with attentive fashion research: impossible to resist the seductive micro-net, even self-supporting, or the refined and unexpected fantasy patterns, all to discover.

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  • vanity

    SOLIDEA, always attentive to new trends, dedicates this line to those who cannot forego low-waisted pants or the skimpiest of mini-skirts: SOLIDEA well-being is now fashion!

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  • marilyn

    Maximum sensuality wed with care and respect for the health of your legs: this is how SOLIDEA proposes self-supporting stockings. Being named after the most famed and beloved icon of female fascination is no coincidence.

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  • marilyn open toe

    Well-being for legs and freedom for feet: perfect in the summer to continue enjoying the benefits of graduated compression while keeping toes free and feet cool. For beautiful legs enhanced by the elegant and extraordinarily smooth and sheer fabric.

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  • personality

    Soft curves to the rescue: a line of tights with elegance and comfort for large sizes, extraordinarily sheer and with form-fitting and retentive top that adapts pleasantly to the body. For forms with great personalities!

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  • relax

    My friend - the knee-high sock! Sheer and elegant for men and ladies, opaque and refined in a unisex version. Also available with open toe, an ideal everyday companion but perfect for long plane flights and for all occasions when blood circulation in the legs could be impaired.

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  • solidea active

    Wave on wave, a revolution in socks: discover our new line of socks created for sports and perfect all day long thanks to their micromassaging and temperature-control actions plus a bacteriostatic effect coming from a revolutionary wave-woven fabric. In 3 models (knee-high, sock and invisible) and a wide range of colors).

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  • night wellness

    Self-supporting stockings that care for your legs while you rest, helping to fight cellulite.
    Lose from 1 to over 2 centimeters of leg girth.

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  • wonderful hips shaper high waist

    Finally, a line of tights that exalt the forms of your body for a perfect silhouette. High waist and perfect fit, thanks to the support elastic designed for the utmost comfort.

  • curvy

    Solidea, always attentive to the universe of women, now presents the new tights dedicated to the Mediterranean forms of women who are proud of their femininity and that today, more than ever, rediscover the pleasure of being fashionable and dressing with their own personal style.

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Totally computerized in-house logistics system.


Research on special raw materials, leading edge technology, design and development of constantly innovative and new models: these distinguish SOLIDEA products.


Quality yarns, the finest weave, care in details, large assortment of fashion colors, large assortment of elegant and refined models for every occasion.


Form-fitting designs with excellent comfort and fit and the preventive and therapeutic effectiveness of elastic compression.


Renewal in the environment is company policy that guarantees to Solidea expansion and progress, saving energy and protecting the planet.


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