the glamour of well being

Quality & Certifications

Solidea with its products is at the very top of the market, thanks to research for premium quality materials, qualified and leading-edge production processes, ongoing product quality control and an efficient and innovative customer service. Solidea offers solutions that become trendy and best interpret the expectations of a demanding and attentive worldwide clientele.

SOLIDEA, the fascination of well-being, is a CE Certified trademark and Calzificio Pinelli has ISO 9001 certification to guarantee an exclusive line of stockings and tights with special performance characteristics that meet specific requirements.
All products of the SOLIDEA collection come with OEKO-TEX certificates that guarantee the non-toxic nature of the chemicals used in the dyeing process.
Write to to request the PDF of the OEKO-TEX® Certificate.

CERTIFICATE ISO 9001:2008 (download PDF)
CERTIFICATE EN/ISO 13485:2012 (download PDF)