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Recommendations for properly washing graduated compression stockings and tights

  • Solidea compression stockings can be washed by hand or in a washing machine at 40°C using a delicate wash cycle.
  • Use only detergents for delicate garments or neutral soaps.
  • Washing the entire tights is recommended.  In the case of hold-ups also wash the silicone flounce with delicate detergents.
  • Do not use softeners that can glue fibers together and close pores.
  • Never dry compression stockings in the sun or on the radiator. Keep them away from  sources of heat.
  • Do not chemically clean compression stockings.  Do not iron them or use chlorine.
  • Use of a washing net permits compression stockings to be washed in a particularly delicate way.
  • It is always best to have a spare compression stocking available.

Hand washing

It is very simple and quick to wash Solidea compression stockings:

  • wet the stockings;
  • soap with a delicate soap or detergent;
  • lightly rub the entire length of the stockings;
  • rinse well and wring out;
  • dab with a cloth in order to shorten drying times;
  • hang  them away from sources of heat;
  •   ...and they are ready to wear in the morning!

Washing symbols are given on the garment care label and on the package:

wash in max 40° water
do not bleach
do not iron
do not dry clean
dry in the air away from sources of heat

Keeping scrupulously to washing recommendations for Solidea products will let you experience their exceptional durability and quality and their ability to maintain their graduated compression characteristics for a long period of time.




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