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Calf Support

COD. 0528A5
micromassaging effetto wave regenerating
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  • Try Solidea’s special wave fabric: its micromassage reactivates your circulation, shapes your body and helps eliminate fluids.
  • The special wave fabric boosts your performance without wasting energy. It prevents the formation of lactic acid, reduces stress on your joints and speeds up recovery.
  • The structure of the fabric guarantees the best breathability. The silver ion yarn protects the biological balance of your skin.

Composition 82% POLYAMIDE 18% ELASTANE


12/15 mmHg graduated compression calf support fits from the ankle to under the knee, and is made of a three-dimensional wave, micromassage, fabric that boosts perfect skin transpiration, keeping the skin dry and at the right temperature. The active micromassage fabric, along with the graduated compression aids blood circulation, reduces muscle vibration and helps optimize performance. It is made of bacteriostatic yarn with silver ions that impedes the proliferation of bacteria, and prevents the onset of bad odours, even after many hours of use. The ultraelastic edge ensures utmost wearability and support, without being too tight. Suitable as a muscle support and especially recommended for all sports activities, it reduces cramps and forestalls formation of lactic acid.

There are no known contraindications regarding the use of this medical device, if properly used according to the relative instructions. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the components shown on the package.


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