the glamour of well being


"I go on with my research.
It is a passion I have, a part of me"

(from "The stocking genius" by Enzo Pinelli)

  • Investments in technologies at the cutting edge.
  • Intelligent management policies.
  • Profound knowledge of products and raw materials.
  • Design and development of innovative and first-class products.
  • Wise commercial, marketing and communication strategies


  • 1.300 m2 of office space
  • 10.000 m2 of production area
  • 15.000 sales outlets in Europe
  • 50 in-house employees
  • 100 agents in Italy and abroad
  • 60 representatives and consultants
  • 7.500.000 pieces per year
  • 24 hours: delivery time in European Union Countries
  • 70 countries where SOLIDEA is present in the world


The in-house logistics system is totally computerized with leading-edge technologies. The robotized warehouse for incoming and outgoing goods permits orders to be executed in real time while offering proper product traceability.


The best raw materials, rigorously controlled during all production stages.
Research for special raw materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, design of new models to meet the requirements of increasingly demanding consumers.



Form-fitting processes offer excellent comfort and fit for stockings and tights with the preventive and therapeutic efficacy of elastic compression.


SOLIDEA's utmost focus on the well-being and lifestyle quality of people can only go hand-in-hand with a great awareness towards the environment in which we live.
Something SOLIDEA expresses not only in intentions, but with the concrete facts of a far-sighted corporate policy of renewal, expansion and progress in respecting and safeguarding our planet.

An example of this is the automated warehouse which uses permanent plastic trays for storage from which the robots automatically pick up the items for executing the order. From 2004 to 2011 this saved 350,000 cardboard boxes, corresponding to 315,000 kg. of paper. This reduced consumption spared 4,725 trees, 138,600,000 liters of water and 2,394,000 kWh of energy.
With this system we now consume 45,000 fewer cardboard boxes each year, corresponding to 40,500 kg of paper, and as a result SOLIDEA today saves 17,820,000 liters of water, 307,800 kWh of energy and has spared 608 trees.

SOLIDEA, as it continually expands in world markets, is committed to progressively increase energy savings and constantly improve its environmental protection standards.