the glamour of well being
  • solidea uomo

    This high-tech line of boxer shorts and underpants, with patented micromassaging system, are designed for the most demanding men, ideal for every moment of the day. Select the model and color that best suits your style!

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  • relax unisex

    My friend – the knee-high sock!  Soft and elegant, also available with open toe. An ideal everyday companion but perfect for long plane flights and for all occasions when blood circulation in the legs could be impaired.

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  • solidea active

    Wave on wave, a revolution in socks: discover our new line of socks created for sports and perfect all day long thanks to their micromassaging and temperature-control actions plus a bacteriostatic effect coming from a revolutionary wave-woven fabric. In 3 models (knee-high, sock and invisible) and a wide range of colors).

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  • dynamic therapeutic

    The extraordinary elasticity of the fabric made using the leading-edge generation of technologies make these men’s tights easy to wear and extremely comfortable, particularly appropriate for curing varicose veins and substantial edemas and recommended for the prophylaxis of post-varicectomy and post-sclerotherapy.

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  • monocollant therapeutic

    A revolutionary therapeutic garment to treat varicose veins, venous insufficiency, lymphedemas, operations or sclerotherapy: discover the model that is best for you!

  • silver support

    This line of elastic supports was created by the attention Solidea gives to well-being and health and ongoing technological innovation. They are ideal for sports but are suitable for everyone to care for and prevent joint pathologies. Special!: an exclusive silver ion bacteriostatic yarn prevents bacteria from proliferating and impedes the onset of bad odors.

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