the glamour of well being


You don't need to suffer with circulatory problems and you don’t have to put up with wearing thick, stiff garments that prevent or care for these problems. You may have been prescribed or advised to wear stiff and unattractive compression garments, but nowadays there’s no need to compromise on fashion for your health.

Break these old taboos and keep up with the times! Solidea technology offers curative and preventive products that are fashionable as well as being extremely effective for venous insufficiencies. With incomparable softness and elegance, compression from 8 mmHg to 46 mmHg, and offering the same functions as the traditional graduated compression ‘Granny Stockings’, Solidea products are a breath of fresh air for women and men who need to wear medical compression, but who want to look chic and modern. No longer do you have to suffer old fashioned stockings to get therapy for your legs, today you can prevent and cure venous conditions with a great sense of well-being from the very first time you put on Solidea stockings or tights. People who say that ‘compression hosiery needs to be thick and stiff, to be effective’, are definitely still tied to a very, old concept of elastic stockings. Technology and research in the field of textiles has made great strides towards a new concept of care, well-being and aesthetics.

The most important thing in the treatment of venous disease is the class of graduated compression.
If compression is achieved with a soft, elegant, elastic and fine fabric then we undoubtedly improve the appearance and comfort of the users, making everyday life easier for them, compared to hosiery fabric that has the same function but that is thicker, stiffer and unattractive. You will no longer feel out of place, but perfectly integrated and what is more with a touch of elegance and style that will not go unnoticed. Compression is important both to prevent and to heal venous insufficiency and its status in the garment is totally independent from the thickness and the weight of the fabric.