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Micromassage fabric: the great Solidea innovation

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Solidea research, inspired by the force of wind that ripples the waters, has perfected a special fabric with innovative yarns and technology with which it has developed entire product lines where technology at the cutting edge and aesthetics come together to offer high performance.

Clinical tests have shown that, with natural body movements, the special wave structure of this patented fabric exerts a deep and delicate massage on the skin, reactivating circulation, shaping your silhouette and favoring the elimination of excess fluids.

Garments made with this fabric are particularly suitable for all sports activities because the wave structure combines with graduated compression to reduce cramps, protect your veins, prevent build-up of lactic acid, help eliminate this acid once you stop and prevent unnecessary energy losses.

Micromassage waves are a formidable weapon against cellulite because their draining effect helps eliminate subcutaneous edema, the primary cause of the dreaded "orange peel".

And, in perfect Solidea style, all our uses of this micromassage fabric are expressed in soft, practical and elegant products.  These are available in many models and colors for all tastes and needs.  They are versatile and invisible under clothing and can be worn with ease on all occasions.

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