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Shades of Autumn

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"The fog to the steep hills" they say is no longer what it used to be. But the image we have of the eleventh month of the year is always one of milky figures blurred in the mists, of suspended atmospheres, waiting for the crackling noises of New Year's Eve. This is an opportunity for discovering and recognizing your own interior colors, and bringing them out by yourself: they will stand out best against the dim lights of an autumn background.

Theme of the month

A Treasure Hunt: find all wine colored Solidea models. These will again be our star models for this year.
A hint? Must in magnificent infrared ray 70 den and 140 den Red Wellness and in the Leggings in Marlene Pois 70 and in our brand new Curvy 70 opaque bordeaux in Selene nude look opaque garnet in Wonder Model 140 Opaque and plumin our Alisea and Imbrulia patterns.
Indulge yourself with all the nuances of a season's must have!

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