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Solidea elastic stockings: beauty and effectiveness without frustration!

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Do your legs often feel heavy and do your feet swell?  Did your doctor prescribe graduated compression garments for your venous problems?  Have you undergone surgery and need to wear stockings or supports for the post-operative period?

Don't worry.  Nowadays we are no longer forced to wear rigid and unsightly garments, difficult to don and mortifying.  Forget your grandmother's stockings.  Trust Solidea:  You will discover a whole new world of elegant and efficient proposals including those that are best suited to you and your needs.

Solidea, for more than 40 years, has been caring about the problems of everyone who needs something extra for their legs.  Solidea every day, with enthusiasm and expertise, following the genial intuition of its founder, Enzo Pinelli, pursues every day the painstaking job of finding premium yarns and materials, the continuous technological innovation and the ongoing quality control, all factors that have revolutionized the concept of elastic hosiery.

Today the Solidea catalogue proposes collections of graduated compression fashion stockings and tights that combine the well-being of your legs, and effective prevention of circulatory pathologies, with the elegance, softness and perfect fit of refined and fashionable garments, offered in a wide range of models, patterns and colors.

Solidea, with its products that are well-known and appreciated throughout the world, continues to prove that it is absolutely not true that a fabric must be thick and rigid in order to achieve effective and functional graduated  compression:  what counts most in the treatment of venous diseases is the class of graduated compression to which it belongs.
Solidea succeeds in getting compressions from 8/11 mmHg up to 46 mmHg with elegant, elastic and fine fabrics, combining incomparable softness and elegance with the same functions as traditional stockings and tights, improving the quality of the lives of those who wear them, whether for pleasure or for need, in total comfort and well-being.

Don't feel embarrassed when you wear graduated compression garments.  You will feel perfectly at ease and trendy on all occasions, from the most casual to the most formal.
If you still don't know them, try them.  You won't be able to do without them anymore!

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