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Soon to be a mommy? Solidea makes the wait seem lighter

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Swollen feet, sore ankles, a sensation of stress .. what expectant mother does not suffer from these?
It is proven that the risk of venous insufficiency increases over the nine months.
It is a good idea to prevent this with remedies that help you pass through this important time in health and lightness, letting you think about "afterwards".

What can you do?
It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle:  do physical activities such as swimming, cycling and walking. Doctors advise consuming fruit and vegetables rich in biophlebotonics or supplements, sleeping with your feet raised, wearing appropriate clothing and avoiding tight garments that compress your abdomen or legs and wearing comfortable shoes.
But above all, to greatly reduce or prevent the problems caused by varicose veins or the problems caused by venous disorders, the simplest, most practical and most important  solution is to wear elastic stockings.
Elastic stockings, thanks to decreasing graduated compression from the ankle to the thigh, exert a beneficial massage that helps venous return and improves circulation.
They are fundamental during pregnancy.  Models exist for expectant mothers with special tops that expand at the waistline to make room for and support your growing tummy.  And they are ideal immediately after childbirth to accelerate the disappearance of leg disorders.
A simple, but highly effective, way to ensure the well-being and health of your legs.

Solidea, always attentive to the needs of women, is close to them during pregnancy, such a special and delicate time in the life of everyone.  Solidea, in fact, has dedicated a "premaman" line to future mothers:  a line of innovative products that guarantee comfort and well-being with, in addition, that special touch of style and elegance that make all its garments unique.

And afterwards?
The Solidea catalogue offers a wide range of preventive and therapeutic stockings, tights and knee-high stockings as well as fantastic micromassage shorts to fight water retention and cellulite. 

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