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Wearing graduated compression to fly in complete comfort. And with style.

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No matter how technology makes it increasingly easy and comfortable to travel and how we all, more or less, have become accustomed to long and even very long flights, the fact remains that flying is not a natural state for humans.

The secret for comfortable and stylish traveling has been an inspiration for SOLIDEA, a totally Made in Italy brand that manufactures graduated compression stockings and tights known and appreciated throughout the world for their unfailing efficacy and sophisticated design.
Even those who do not suffer from pathologies with contraindications or air sickness and are used to travelling will still suffer from some annoying disturbances.  Staying seated for a long time can cause swelling and tingling and even expose perfectly healthy individuals to the risk of deep venous thrombosis.

As in all things the main solution is to take good care of yourself.  And also to use care to wear loose garments and to drink adequate fluids.  Many of the major airlines also publish hints in their on-board magazines about taking walks in the cabin and performing isometric exercises when seated to loosen up muscles and joints.  But all this may not be enough, as is well-known by those who work on board, hostesses and stewards, who always wear graduated compression stockings.

And anyone who thinks that elastic stockings are uncomfortable and unsightly should think again: all garments are rigorously and scientifically tested for compression but are above all conceived with a design that makes them wearable by everyone and in every occasion, with a wide range of models and colors that can satisfy even the most demanding persons in terms of look.

Today even unexpected persons, such as models, reporters, managers, of both sexes, know and wear SOLIDEA stockings, tights or knee-high stockings, even if they do not have specific circulation problems.  They know from experience that these will give them another ally to cope with all the fatigue and hardships of long journeys.

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