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  • wonder model therapeutic

    When a physician prescribes, Solidea responds!
    Extraordinary tights with a close-fitting top made using the latest generation of yarns and technologies, also available in 1st and 2nd therapeutic classes for the prophylaxis of venous diseases, post-varicectomy and post-sclerotherapy.

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  • marilyn therapeutic

    Entrust your legs to these unsuspected self-supporting stockings in 1st, 2nd and 3rd therapeutic classes, made using the latest generation of yarns, soft and easy to wear and perfect for all day long. Ideal for curing venous diseases without foregoing charm!

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  • catherine therapeutic
    for suspender belt

    Such a complete range of therapeutic products just had to include a line of stockings for garters, made using the leading-edge technologies and yarns. Indispensable for treating venous diseases, elegant and suitable for all occasions.

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  • relax unisex therapeutic

    A classic graduated compression knee-high sock for venous disease therapy, now more comfortable and soft than ever thanks to the latest generation of yarns and without waiving elegance thanks to its large range of fashionable colors.

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  • monocollant therapeutic

    A revolutionary therapeutic garment to treat varicose veins, venous insufficiency, lymphedemas, operations or sclerotherapy: discover the model that is best for you!

  • dynamic therapeutic

    The extraordinary elasticity of the fabric made using the leading-edge generation of technologies make these men’s tights easy to wear and extremely comfortable, particularly appropriate for curing varicose veins and substantial edemas and recommended for the prophylaxis of post-varicectomy and post-sclerotherapy.

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  • arm care therapeutic

    Arm problems are a delicate subject: Solidea has thought about it and created these soft and comfortable 1st and 2nd class therapeutic armbands. They are appropriate for post-trauma and iatrogenic (mastectomy) lymphedema of the upper limbs. Additional help for everyday comfort and well-being!

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  • medical supports

    Preserve the newfound beauty of your forms with these supports specifically designed for post-liposuction periods: thanks to the graduated compression and micromassage of the three-dimensional wave fabric they will help you to heal, stimulate microcirculation and favor reabsorption of edemas and swelling.

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  • no-embol | antitrombo

    The exclusive three-dimensional wave fabric, patented by Solidea, combines an effective micromassage with graduated compression in these soft and comfortable elastic stockings created to prevent deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE).

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  • diabetic

    SOLIDEA'S DIABETIC LINE, thanks to our focus on research and several technical tricks, is an indispensable support for the prevention and treatment of the diabetic foot.

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