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Washing test

UNI ENV 12718 and 12719 standards for the measurement of medical stockings provide for 6A washing as described in UNI ENV 26330/1993 standards. These, summarized, provide for:

  • drum loading: 2 kg dry weight polyester
  • washing temperature: 40± 3°C
  • water: 26 L
  • washing time 15 min
  • 1st rinse time 3 min
  • 2nd rinse time 2 min
  • 3rd  rinse time 2 min
  • spinning time 2 min

Drying is done on a flat net with 1 cm openings at room temperature.

Washing tests performed show that all of the articles tested, after 50 washes, maintain, and actually increase, their initial compression. In fact compression does not diminish but increases slightly.
This test, therefore, shows the long-term reliability and quality of the product and thus the duration of its compression effectiveness and the good value that it is for money.

Washing test

92° washing tests on medical articles