COD. 0477A5 Line Red Wave
shaping micromassaging anti-cellulite effetto wave
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Compression model of Bermuda shorts
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  • Try Solidea’s special wave fabric: its micromassage reactivates your circulation, shapes your body and helps eliminate fluids.
  • The special wave fabric boosts and enhances your beauty treatments.
  • Ideal for practicing sports: improves your performance and helps not to waste energy.



Compression model of Bermuda shorts. The special three-dimension wave fabric has a beneficial micromassage action that helps eliminating excess liquids, while slenderizing the body mass, and creating a transpiring and ventilated effect to prevent the onset of bad odours. Made with yarn containing a mineral additive that when stimulated by the body’s natural thermal energy, converts it into FIR infrared rays (Far Infrared Rays) and sends it back to the skin tissue, with a pleasant temperature-control effect. The double action of the FIR with the micromassage fabric, helps to fight the orange-peel appearance (cellulite) and to improve microcirculation. To obtain the aesthetic effects offered by this yarn we recommend wearing Red Wave Bermuda every day at least 8 hours a day.

There are no known contraindications regarding the use of this medical device, if properly used according to the relative instructions. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the components shown on the package.

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