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Withdrawal and refund

Right of withdrawal and refund or replacement for private clients

This right is the possibility, exclusively in favour of the customer, to withdraw from the order only if the product to return is intact and has never been used.

The customer has however to return purchased products together with request withdrawal, refund, replacement form. (Click here to download).

The customer, when receiving the goods, must check that:

  1. the boxes are intact;
  2. the Solidea brand tape that closes the box is perfectly intact and the box itself is intact.

If this is not the case the Customer must accept delivery with reservation and check for any damaged or missing products.
Delivery must be rejected whenever the package has clearly been tampered with.
Otherwise Calzificio Pinelli will not answer for any damaged or missing products.

In case of flawed products, Solidea will replace flawed products only when the flaw is due to a production defect. Flawed items (production defects taking place at the origin) of Solidea brand products will take place without any charge. Flawed items must be sent directly to the company specifying the identity of the customer who discovered the flaws. Articles replacing the flawed pairs shall be sent directly and free of charge by Calzificio Pinelli Srl to the customer only after the defective items are received and examined.

Therefore, Calzificio Pinelli Srl will not provide any replacement if it does not receive the flawed items.

No replacement will be done:

  • if the product has been worn,
  • if the defect was caused by normal use of the product (wear, abrasion, etc.)
  • if the product has been used improperly.

The product that has been worn even just to test their size cannot be replaced for a hygienic reason since these are items of underwear that come into direct contact with the skin.

Procedure to exercise the return right

The return right can be exercised at any time after completing the purchase process and in any case no later than 14 working days from receipt of goods, notifying to Solidea the will to exercise that right sending the request withdrawal, refund, replacement form (Click here to download) to Solidea in the following ways:

  • sending an email to: info@solidea.com;
  • sending a fax to: +39 0376 770921;
  • sending a registered letter with return receipt to the following address:
    Calzificio Pinelli Srl - Via Germania, 11 - 46042 Castel Goffredo (MN), Italia.

Within 14 days of receipt of goods about which it has been asked the withdrawal, the consumer will arrange for their return (total or partial), by ordinary post parcel at customer charge, to the address above mentioned.

The refund of the amount already paid and corresponding to the entire order (including shipping costs) or to the part of products for which the withdrawal is requested (this case excluding the shipping costs) will be made in the manner chosen, within a maximum of 20 working days from receipt of goods returned by the customer.

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