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Eco-sustainability is one of the most disputed issues when speaking about the future of our planet. But only real actions truly make a difference.

The soul of Solidea becomes more and more "green".

Because caring for our world is a responsibility for each and every one of us.
Even the choices made by single individuals are important, as they spread a sustainability culture that brings real benefits.

Dr. Luca Pinelli, Solidea CEO

The green soul of Solidea

  • The Solidea forest puts down its roots in Kenya

  • Our product packaging becomes sustainable

  • Production process optimization using the Life Cycle Assessment method

  • Improved storage process management to reduce cardboard consumption

  • Packaging optimization and green shipping

The Solidea forest puts down its roots in Kenya

Solidea has joined the reforestation programme of Treedom, a young and dynamic start-up founded in 2010, which offers individuals and companies the opportunity to plant trees "at a distance", and to check them online thanks to a geo-localization system, in a transparent and enjoyable way with the aim to help the environment and to provide new opportunities for the local communities involved in the project.

In this way the Solidea Forest has been created in Kenya. 1000 trees to start with, and a long-term engagement to make sure the Solidea Forest grows with constancy, protecting biodiversity and reducing CO2 with the related benefits for the entire planet.

In particular, fruit trees will be supervised by small farmer cooperatives and will help provide food, training, jobs and earnings in the local area.

Discover the Solidea forest

Our product packaging becomes sustainable

Our product packaging becomes sustainable because we started using only FSC certified paper.
Moreover, we moved to the digital for catalogues and brochures and all the materials that do not necessarily have to be printed on paper.

Trees are a valuable asset, and therefore we rely on the guarantee by FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – a non-profit NGO, which created an internationally recognized forestry certification system for the correct forest management and traceability of forestry products.

We optimize production processes using the Life Cycle Assessment method

We are implementing all necessary measures to be totally committed and to be truly and effectively green even in our production and distribution processes.

We have begun analysing production processes according to the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method, an international standard that quantifies potential impacts on the environment and on human health associated with a good or a service, starting from their respective consumption of resources and their emissions.

Speaking of CO2
We are calculating the organisation Carbon Footprint to determine the precise number of plants necessary to compensate for the CO2 emitted by our company. The electric power used in house already comes totally from renewable sources, considerably reducing CO2-emissions.

We improve storage process management to reduce cardboard consumption

We are also attentive to the management of our warehouse, automated thanks to 4 robots that use only durable plastic boxes produced once and constantly reused.

From the installation of our first robot named Charlie in 2004 until 2018 we achieved saving:

  • 750.000 cardboard boxes
  • 630.000 kg paper
  • 9.450 trees
  • 277.200.000 lt of WATER
  • 4.788.000 kW

We optimize packaging and shipping is green

Our commitment to the environment follows our products even after they leave our company.

All shipping boxes are made of recycled paper.
And to deliver our products to our retailers we make use only of shipping agents with adequate guarantees about the implementation of Green policies as part of their business.

Plastic? Yes, but ...
... only if recycled and guaranteed ...
For the envelopes used to protect the product so that it arrives at destination in perfect condition.
And for all the accessories and objects that require a strong and durable material.

Solidea green Decalogue

Quality is one of the main values of our business, aimed for the well-being of everyone. We constantly deal with the well-being of our planet to ensure the best life quality to our children, something that is a natural and indispensable process for all business people nowadays.
Our company applies 10 eco-sustainable daily habits because building an ecological society is no longer just a need, but is also an urgency.

Dr. Luca Pinelli, Solidea CEO

Don’t underrate your commitment. The future of our planet environment does not depend solely on the few decision-makers on Earth. Everyone is responsible for his own lifestyle, and every single behaviour has a certain impact on our ecosystem resources.
And so why not start immediately, in our own small way, to make choices that can make a difference and bring real benefits?

It is up to each of us and not to the others... The others are us!

Dr. Luca Pinelli, Solidea CEO