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Philosophy & Mission


"I want every woman to feel beautiful, at ease, sexy and seductive, even when she has to wear graduated compression garments. This is why I created SOLIDEA, my solar idea, to give well-being and elegance to everyone!"
(from "The stocking genius" by Enzo Pinelli)

This genuine desire to use his expertise to improve the quality of life of people has always been the driving force behind Enzo Pinelli's business

Today he has set himself a new challenge: convince women that starting as early as the age of twenty they can prevent the disorders caused by venous stasis by adopting specific items to maintain the health and beauty of their legs.
Simple and rewarding, wearing garments that are both effective and elegant, in a wide range of models, patterns and colors that can meet all tastes and styles, from the most classic to the trendiest.

A philosophy with solid basic values:

  • Passion for research and ongoing innovation.
  • Loyalty to the original vocation, investing in economic and human resources.
  • Always keep quality at the very highest level.
  • Transmit values and know-how from father to children.
  • Keep ownership firmly inside the family, a guarantee of independence and stability.
  • Offer real Made in Italy, because every step in the chain, from project to production, takes place in its home district.


"I go on with my research. It is a passion I have, it is a part of me
from “The stocking genius” by Enzo Pinelli.


  • Investments in the most cutting-edge technologies
  • Intelligent management policies
  • Wide knowledge of products and raw materials.
  • Design and development of innovative and first-class products.
  • Wise commercial, marketing and communication strategies. 

Solidea in numeri

  • 1,300 m2 of office space
  • 10,000 m2 of production area 
  • 15,000 retailers in Europe
  • 50 in-house employees
  • 100 agents in Italy and abroad
  • 60 salesmen and consultants
  • 7,500,000 pieces per year
  • 24 hours:  delivery time to European Union Countries
  • 70 countries where SOLIDEA is present in the world

Solidea and the environment

SOLIDEA’s utmost focus on the well-being and lifestyle quality of people combines with a great awareness towards the environment in which we live, and SOLIDEA shows this not only in intentions, but with the concrete facts of a farsighted corporate policy of renewal, expansion and progress in respecting and safeguarding our planet (Solidea Green Attitude).

An example of this is the automated warehouse, that foresees the storage in long-lasting plastic trays from which the robots automatically pick up the items to prepare the orders.  From 2004 to 2019 this saved 803,000 cardboard boxes, corresponding to 675,000 kg. of paper. This reduced consumption spared 10,080 trees, 297,000,000 liters of water and 5,150,000 kWh of energy. With this system, to date 45,000 less cardboard boxes have been consumed per year, corresponding to 40,500 kg of paper. Consequently, today SOLIDEA saves 17,820,000 liters of water, 307,800 kWh of energy and the felling of 608 trees. 

In its continuous expansion into world markets, SOLIDEA is committed to progressively increasing energy savings and constantly improving its standards aimed at protecting the environment.

Do you know that our products are OEKO-TEX certified?

Solidea graduated compression products use fabrics made with revolutionary techniques

Solidea is activating important actions in its corporate policy aimed at respect for the ecosystem