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The quality of Solidea products

Quality and Certifications

Premium quality materials, cutting-edge manufacturing processes, constant product quality controls, efficient and innovative customer service: with these characteristics SOLIDEA products offer solutions that create trends and best interpret the expectations of an attentive and demanding international clientele.

SOLIDEA The glamour of well-being is an CE certified brand.

Calzificio Pinelli has ISO 9001 certification that guarantees an exclusive line of stockings and tights with special performance features that meet special requirements and has ISO 13485 certification as Class I medical devices. Furthermore the company has obtained the U.S. FDA.

All products in the SOLIDEA collection have OEKO-TEX certificates guaranteeing the non-toxicity of the chemicals used in the dyeing process.
Write to sereni@solidea.com to request the PDF of the OEKO-TEX® Certificate.

"No one had dared to do this before us. Now many are trying to copy us" (from "The stocking genius" by Enzo Pinelli)

Do you know that our products are OEKO-TEX certified?

Solidea graduated compression products use fabrics made with revolutionary techniques

Solidea is activating important actions in its corporate policy aimed at respect for the ecosystem