Catherine CCL. 2 Plus Open Toe

open toe large sizes 25/32 mmHg strong compression
Therap. Class 2 | 23-32 mmHg - CCL2
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Graduated compression 25/32 mmHg stay up stocking for suspender belt with elastic band without silicone
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Graduated compression 25/32 mmHg stay up stocking for suspender belt with elastic band without silicone. It helps to prevent edema and leg discomfort, the pooling of blood in the legs, and edema. Also prevents deep vein thrombosis in individuals subjected to immobility, such as long distance travelers. It is also for varicose veins, post-surgery, venous insufficiency, moderate to severe varicosis, moderate swelling, after the healing of leg ulcers, post-phlebitic syndrome, phlebitis, reversible lymphedema, and post varicose vein surgery, vein stripping, sclerotherapy, and plebectomy. The new generation yarns makes it easy to wear, soft and elegant. The fashion revolution in a therapeutic hose. The massaging insole provides well-being and comfort.
The open toe is perfect for patients with trophic skin problems and in cases of hallux valgus. PLUS LINE is ideal for patients who, due to venous stasis symptoms, often show a particular increase of lower limbs circumferences (or swollen complications).

Contraindications: Obstructive arteriopathies, Severe neuropathies, Extrinsic compressions on venous vessels, Uncompensated heart failure, Rheumatic fibromyalgia. It is desirable that the compression to be used is indicated by a doctor. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the components shown on the case.

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