Micromassage Comfort

Therap. Class 1 | 15-21 mmHg - CCL1
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Graduated compression stay-up stockings with patented micromassage fabric to give well-being and energy
Tights made in Italy with OEKO-TEX certified materials, first quality
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  • Choose the best product for you with the help of your doctor: Solidea will provide it.
  • Facilitates edema resorption, helps with healing and stabilizes results after an operation.
  • Ideal for long hospitalizations: circulation is enhanced and problems with venous stasis are avoided.



Graduated compression stay-up stockings with patented micromassage fabric to give well-being and energy. The special three-dimensional weave, knitted with a strong relief wave, assure a micromassage action together with perfect transpiration, keeping the skin constantly dry and at the right temperature in all seasons, preventing the onset of bad odors even after many hours of wear. The active micromassage generated by the particular fabric leaves light wavy furrows on the skin, a sign of its drainage efficiency that will disappear after few hours and leave the skin smooth and free of exceeding fluids. The stockings helps maintain the biological balance of the skin. With a special, non-allergenic, hold-up elastic edge, designed especially for those who are allergic to silicone.

Contraindications: Obstructive arteriopathies, Severe neuropathies, Extrinsic compressions on venous vessels, Uncompensated heart failure, Rheumatic fibromyalgia. It is desirable that the compression to be used is indicated by a doctor. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to silicone and to the other components shown on the case.

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